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The Magical Eclectic Poetic Bohemian World of Mary Ceravolo


Mary Ceravolo is an Italian/South Australian poet and artist. Her interests and life work are ‘Eclectic- Bohemian’ in nature.

Mary was born in Bosisio Parini (Como) in 1966 of Calabrian parentage.


When she was fourteen, Mary’s family moved from Northern Italy to Frascati. In Frascati, Mary’s early poetry gained impetus, influenced by the writer and man-of-letters, Vito Riviello (1933–2002), and her early paintings won numerous awards, including the Forum Interart Gallery, CEA, Quo Vadis, Orsa Maggiore e Minore and the VI* posto per la pittura nel Memorial “Antonello da Messina” 1994 in Italy, and the Prize

Colosseum in Australia.


In 1991, Mary arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, where she held numerous exhibitions of her paintings at the Bonsai Art Studio; The Italian Festival-Carnevale, “Mary’s Private Collection” in Norwood.; “East/West” MAC, the Multicultural Artworks Committee; “Reflection” and “Washing” at the Nexus Gallery; and the John Harvey Gallery in Salisbury.


In 1996, Mary received a grant from the Council for the Arts and Cultural Development of South Australia to have a selection of her poems translated into English— “Memore Giostra Roundabout of memories [translated by Isobel Grave]”. This volume of work, entitled Memore Giostra, traces the poet’s spiritual journey from infancy to adulthood. On March 8, 2003, the Mayor of Salisbury, Tony Zappia, marked International Women’s day by launching Mary’s “Memore Giostra” at the John Harvey Gallery. (Roundabout of memories : Memore Giostra / Mary Ceravolo-Bib ID 3 4 0 9 9 1 7 , National Library of Australia)


The April 1998 edition of Convivio presented a special feature on Mary’s work, with a selection of poems from Memore Giostra. Mary’s poems have also been featured in various publications including Alitra, Poetrix, Muse, The New England Review, Southerly, Nuovo Paese, I Clandestini, Filef Publication; Micropress; You Write Mind Writing group; Spindrift, Idiom, Convivio, ALIAS.

Mary’s work has been highly praised by Alias, and it received awards and a commendation from the Faglehawit Dahlia and Arts Festival,

as well as the Apollo Award.


In 1999, one of her poems, “Your Eyes” was set to music by Jan and Lee Cooks and is part of the CD entitled “Words of Love”.


In early 2000, some of Mary’s poems received an Honorary Mention from the Memorial “Gaetano Salvemini” and a Special Mention from the Memorial “Severino Caspanello”.


In 2006, Mary’s artistic and literary work received critical acclaim by the Hon. Cav. Barone Pietro

III° Fratantaro, Cavaliere dell’Unione Cavalleria Cristiana Internazionale, presidente della Febac

(Federazione Europea Beni Artistici Culturali), presidente del Premio Tindari.

• F.E.B.A.C. (Federazione Europea Beni Artistici e Culturale), Italy

• F.E.B.A.C. nominated President for the state of South Australia, (nomination January 2006)

• Cavaliere di Federico II* nomina di Dama(Cavaliere), Italy, January 2006

• Accademia Internazionale di Arti-Lettere-Scienze,Cittá di Zancle, Nomina accademica d’Onore a Vita

• Registered in the Albo Europeo degli Artisti, (number 182).


In 2007, Mary was awarded the 1st prize (Sezione Adulti) “Giovanni Pascoli” Edizione 2007 from Associazione Toscana del Sud Australia Inc.



Mary’s Work, Background and Passions

Passionate about communities and people, Mary actively draws upon her skills, knowledge and experience to promote women’s inner spiritual development. Over the past 25 years, she has tested, refined and successfully applied her expertise in human and social services, holistic counselling and preventive health, both in English and Italian contexts, within culturally and linguistically diverse

communities. Mary has extensive knowledge and experience in alternative and holistic medicine. She is a qualified

Homoeopath, Psychotherapist, Grief and Loss Counsellor, and Doctor and Practitioner of alternative



In her early professional work in South Australia (1991 to 2017), in her role of Ethnic Ageing Officer at CIC, Mary worked with a very challenging and special women’s group, DONNE E BENESSERE (Formally ‘Noi Donne’) This experience inspired a special poem in their honour— “Io, Maria e le Altre”.


In 2008, Mary was asked to plan and organize and event to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary.

The group, worked hard to make this auspicious event a memorable occasion. After many meetings and discussions, Mary and the women of DONNE E BENESSERE collaborated on artistic and craft works. Historic and contemporary photos were collected and displayed, and each participant donated small, hand-made craft works representing an aspect of their own world. Most of these women had something in common above their personal history—an immense capacity to overcome pain, grief and suffering. Many dialogues about old traditions, religion, faith and spirituality took place and everyone, regardless of their beliefs or background, contributed their own experience to

the conversation. Mary felt at home among these exceptional women. They formed a special bond and realised they had something unique in common: a connection to the Great Woman “Maria”. For some, “Maria” was the mother of Jesus, for others she was a great goddess, a great warrior and a protector of mothers and children. Mary’s tribute to the life of these women was presented in a booklet

“Noi Donne” containing highlights of the 20th anniversary dialogues, Mary’s poem “Io, Maria e le Altre” and photographs of the art work.


In 2010, Mary’s Spiritual journey story— “Under the Shade of the Hazelnut Tree” — was included in the anthology of women’s spiritual journeys “Women Journeying with Spirit” (edited by Deidre Michell and Jude Noble; Ginninderra Press).


In 2017, the City of Salisbury awarded Mary the Living Legend Award (The Mrs Baynes and Mrs

Roberts Outstanding Contribution Award). This award recognised her strong commitment to the Salisbury community, not just as an employee of the Salisbury Council, but also for her voluntary work with the Bhutanese community, her tireless promotion of women’s wellbeing, personal grow and development, and her encouragement and support of all people wishing to achieve their greatest

potential through creative activities.

In 2018 THE GOLDEN GATE, a Book of Love and Alchemy - a collection of poetry and artistical -  alchemical work  was published by Balboa Press and launched on the 21st of April. 


Mary’s spiritual interests is vast , her art work is surreal and  she defines herself as “Fusion Artist”

“Art fusion” aims to, produce something of spiritual and emotional substance that can benefit the whole community. Mary’s work is an invitation to feel, to experience and express our inner emotions.

more information on Marys'  work




Love is the only reality

and it is not a mere sentiment. It

is the ultimate truth that lies

at the heart of creation.

-Rabindranath Tagore

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