Round About of Memories
Memore Giostra
A Brilliant Collection of Autobiographic Poetry by Mary Ceravolo
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With Memore Giostra MARY Ceravolo's poems make their first appearance in a collection, though many have already been published individually in Australia over the last 25 years. The poems, seventy-three in all, and written between 1978 and 1997,were chosen by her out of the five hundred or so works that make up her life-time's lyric ... In Mary's poetry, at this point, an overarching materialism ( in the sense of a belief that whatever exist is either matter, or entirely dependent on matter) shows itself as a sphere of reference; in a way that is reminiscent of Leopardi in the Canti,this materialism co-exists with the segments of experience, to question their purpose, but not their intensity...

Available at maryceravolo@bigpond.com

Poetry, Art, Alchemy, Love and Spirituality

Poetry, Art, alchemy, Love and Spirituality

The Golden Gate
a Book of
Love and Alchemy


Balboa Media Reliese

New spirituality book combines art, poetry to help transform pain into self-liberationMary Ceravolo announces publication of

‘The Golden Gate’ SALISBURY, Australia –

Feeling a need to need to empower others, Mary Ceravolo offers readers a path to transformation with art and poetry in her new spirituality book, “The Golden Gate: A Book of Love and Alchemy” (published by Balboa Press AU). The book is designed to help readers transform their grief, loss, trauma and pain into self-realization, self-liberation and love.


“Unleash you creativity, embrace your inner most fear and pain: pray, cry, experience, feel and understand all of your emotions, go above what you see and experiencing; than review, fall and rise and recreate yourself into new,” urges Ceravolo. “Believe in the magic of your inner potential and love, love and love.”


Ceravolo says her book helps people reach out to and establish oneness with the universe by using art, poetry and love as a life force. She says the creative force of Shakti unleashes the power to induce you to an altered state of consciousness. Then, she explains, the Shakti-Shiva idea, saying that when the inner self and the body, spirit and matter are married in balance, the body creates balance and equilibrium in everything that coexists in nature.


The Golden Gate

By Mary Ceravolo

Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 102 pages | ISBN 9781504312295

E-Book | 102 pages | ISBN 9781504312301

Available at Balboa , Amazon and Barnes & Noble

or contact maryceravolo@bigpond.com thegoldengatebook@gmail.com


Look  at this space, new book coming soon!

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